Sunday, May 5, 2019

Conditioned to Win

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Artist :

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*Note: I am not in any way affiliated or sponsored by L'Oreal
The general idea for this comic has been in my head for a couple of years - Terra's biggest strength (and pride) being his hair. The hardest part was actually figuring out how to set up and deliver that punch line. Originally I thought of conveying it somehow through acquiring Terra's weaponry, replacing Spark Chaser with Glorious Locks or something along those lines. It never seemed to hit hard enough as a punchline and it never really got out of the script phase, but the idea stuck around regardless.

Cue a 2 am drawing session and the notion of using Dr. Light to deliver the punchline via an analysis hits me like a brick. Specifically, the more seriously I had him deliver the line the funnier it would be, or so I thought. In my original sketch I hecked up the punchline completely, using the slogan from a make up company instead but the idea was still there so I was able to correct it when I didn't look at it with deep fried gremlin brain. But that's it! The secret to Terra's formidable power is his extra-terrestrial hair care!

Creation Time :
Tough call, it's been a lot of on and off, doing it in pieces. I'd say under 15 hours though, but definitely not less than 5.

Krita 4.1

In process pics :

Rough Sketch on Paper

Digital Rough Sketch

Line Art

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