Monday, July 22, 2019

Today we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Mega Man World Comics!

Today marks Mega Man World Comics turning one year old!  Yesterday's comic was the 52nd weekly comic in a row and just as we started the year with a Shovels comic, I made sure we ended with one as well.  The weekly comic was always a dream of something I had wanted to do for the site, and July 22nd 2018 that dream became a reality with a very small team of artists from the Discord server.  Now that team has grown and continues to grow every day, with over 22 artists having currently published at least one comic, and many new artists coming soon that are working on their first.  I would just like to thank the comics team for all of their hard work and dedication and to congratulate everyone for never missing a single Sunday in the entire time.  I know some times it was pretty rough and stressful and I know some of them stayed up all night just so we could publish in the morning on time.  You are all amazing and I wouldn't trade any of you for the world.  

To celebrate this special occasion we did a collaboration piece of the team having a day at the beach!  As usual the artists were told the overall theme and shown the background artwork only, not what anyone else was going to be doing.  A few teamed up to interact with each other, but other than that, they were clueless.  (This is the first time they will see the finished product as well!)  Enjoy!

Click the comic for full size, or Read More for more info and the artist's creation process.
This is a dirty gross .jpg version, click the article for the full 4K resolution image (31.6 Mb)

The full version in all its glory!

Artwork By (Left to Right) : 
Soulment, Anonim, Owens, Randomchiz, PkStarstruck, Kat Lynx, Garden Man, dum, MegaChibisX, Nexus, waddle boi, Techno, W, Bassnium-Z, Kiroma, Shovels, Kiroma (Lifeguard Data & background), and Ammomancer.  Final layout and layering done by EncrypteData.

Concept by :

Inspiration :
I knew we just had to do another collaboration piece to celebrate a full years worth of comics!  Being in July why not also celebrate Summer with a nice day at the beach!

In process pics :

Data's concept sketch.

Blank Background by Kiroma

Stand alone avatars (in order of first comic published date) :

Flexing Shovel by Shovels

Lifeguard Data by Kiroma

Yasuo OC and sandcastle under siege by Met by MegaChibisX

Crash Man on floatie by RandomChiz

Shocking Elec Man by  W

Daemon OC buried in the sand by Soulment

DesertMan with beer by Kat Lynx

Surfing Mega Man by Anonim

Garden Man OC hating the sand by Garden Man

Sona OC by Ammomancer

AU Rock OC with water gun by Techno

Sandfury OC with water gun by Kiroma

Circle game Chaud by PkStarstruck

Ralts with Bass helmet and Mega hermit crab by Bassnium-Z

Splash Woman relaxing on a rock by dum

MegaMan.exe totally falling for it by Owens

Dead floating waddle boi OC by waddle boi

Nexus OC drawing in the sand by Nexus

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