Sunday, September 30, 2018

Just around the corner...

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Artist :

Storyline & Text :

Inspiration :
I wanted to create a story that conveyed just how much Mighty No. 9 contributed to bringing the fan base together and got Capcom's attention.  Mighty No. 9 might not have been the perfect game we all wanted, but it did show us more of Inafune's vision for the future of how he wanted Mega Man to evolve.  One of those mechanics was being armor transforming when powers are selected and Capcom definitely noticed and followed suit.  These games can coexist and be great together in their own rights and somewhere out their their father is proud of them both.  Oh and as much as I enjoy Mighty No. 9, one of my moderators alraz is the biggest fan ever and I wanted to do a comic story that would make him proud as well.  😊

Creation Time :
Approximately 10 hours.

In process pics :

EncrypteData's storyboard sketch. (Now with color!)

Rough Sketch

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