Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Game Time at EncrypteData's!

Rest assured our artists will be working hard to bring you more comics... eventually...

But until then, a Mega Man 11 release party at EncrypteData's house!

Click the comic for full size, or Read More for more info and the artist's creation process.

(Click comic for full size.) with dialogue!

The Mega Man World Comics Team!  From left to right : 

Art by : 
Everyone!  Background art, layering everything together, and Data done by Shovels.

Concept by :

Inspiration :
I really wanted to do something special for the Mega Man 11 launch... something that everyone could collaborate together on.  I really wanted to see if we could combine everyone's art style seamlessly into one big comic project. and it turned out even better than I could have ever expected.  I contacted each artist for them to draw a representation of themselves (or an OC of theirs) torso up to sit on the couch together and told them to make it look like they were interacting with something.  Once each artist got their part done we got it to Shovels who layered it into the final pic.  It took about 3 weeks but it's finally finished and just in time!

In process pics :

EncrypteData's concept sketch.

Shovel's draft to better envision the concept... (so full of himself...lol)

Stand alone avatars (in order of first comic published date) :

EncrypteData's disembodied head (by Shovels). 


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