Sunday, October 27, 2019


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Artist : 

Concept & Storyline : 

Inspiration :
This is pretty much a very common theme in my own life as I repair computers in my spare time.  Doing this makes me the prime target of all those family members to call first when their stuff goes haywire.  This can be anything from virus outbreaks, being unplugged, or this... browsers covered in adware, toolbars, and popups which is my dad's computer in a nutshell.  So I figured I'd make a story about it and Mega-Nize it... and luckily it fits perfect in the Battle Network universe.  - EncrypteData

Creation Time :
About 7 hours.

In process pics :

EncrypteData's original sketch.  (Amazing, I know)

Rough Sketch

Half Lined (bugged eyes and rough)

Lined art (non bulged eyes and clean)

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