Sunday, November 3, 2019

A Budding Friendship

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Artist : 

Concept & Storyline : 

Inspiration :
A friend of mine was going to be joining the comics team and I asked her who was her favorite character to draw and she replied Plant Man.  So with this information I thought up this cute storyline of how Mega Man raised Plant Man from a tiny seed only to be taken away and turned against him.  Then instead of listening to Dr. Wily he would remember Mega being their all throughout his childhood and run up and hug him instead of attack.  Life happens and that friend hasn't had time to do the comic, so our boy MegaChibisX stepped up to the plate to bring it to life.

Creation Time :
Around 6 Hours

In process pics :

Original sketch by EncrypteData (one of my first ones ever!)

Rough Sketch

Lined (with creepy faces)

Finished version with creepy faces... per MegaChibisX request because "the people deserve it".

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