Sunday, September 22, 2019

Golden Dahlia Daffodilus

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Artist : 

Inspirations :
Okay, so one of my favorite childhood movies was Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin. In one scene, Pooh and the gang are going through a creepy forest of brambles when Rabbit spots a large flytrap-looking thing and says "Why, look! Is that a golden dahlia daffodilus? Rare for this location!" and puts his face close to it for a closer look, only for it to snap shut inches from his nose. After having rewatched that movie recently, thinking about that scene led to me sketching a little joke doodle of Burner Man poking around Plant Man's garden and more or less repeating that Rabbit scene, only with more... disastrous results. And then Data encouraged me to turn my joke sketch into an actual comic and here we are.

Creation Time :
An entire afternoon, while contending with a sprained shoulder that had only partially healed (4 or 5 hours maybe?)

In process pics :

Original Sketch


Flat Coloring

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