Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas from the Mega Man World comics team!

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The full version in all its glory!

Artwork By (Left to Right) : 
The Letter W, Owens, Dum, Anonim, Bassnium-Z, PkStarStruck, Kiroma, Nexus, BurntBeebs (Data), MegaChibisX, VinnyBolt, Garden Man, Shovels, BurntBeebs, Ammomancer, and  Soulment.  Final layout and layering done by EncrypteData.

Concept by :

Inspiration :
Originally we had planned on a Halloween collaboration but time just got away from us and it turned into an amazing Christmas collaboration instead!  I just wanted everyone to come together for some fun in the holiday spirit and everything turned out great.  😀  - E.D.

In process pics :

Data's Concept Sketch

Blank Background by BurntBeebs

Stand alone avatars (in order of first comic published date) :

Christmas Sweater Shovel by Shovels

Santa Data by BurntBeebs

Yasuo OC wrestling a present by MegaChibisX

Tangled in Christmas lights Elec Man by  W

Daemon OC stuck outside in the cold by Soulment

Snow skiing Mega Man by Anonim

Garden Man OC passed out by Garden Man

Christmas Sona OC by Ammomancer

Sandfury OC scoping out a present by Kiroma

Alvina Dragon Quest OC by PkStarstruck

Ralts with Bass helmet gingerbread man by Bassnium-Z

Kalinka with sack of presents by dum

MegaMan.exe carrying a stack of presents by Owens

MegaMan.exe carrying a stack of presents by Nexus

Beebs sona by BurntBeebs

Santa security Vile by VinnyBolt

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