Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year from the comics team!

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The full, crispy, clean, deluxe, yummy, amazeballs version.  Limited edition. #001 / 001.

Artwork By (Left to Right) : 
Garden Man, MegaChibisX, Randomchiz, Anonim, Shovels, StarUsagi, Salamance, Uranimus, W, Soulment, Kat Lynx, and Taitotu.  Background art & DJ Data done by MegaChibisX.  Final layout and layering done by EncrypteData.

Concept by :

Inspiration :
The last collaboration comic came out so awesome (Click Here) that I knew we had to do another with the updated team (doubled in size!).  Everything turned out amazing and you'd never even know that each individual had no idea what the other was doing for the comic (with exception of Taitotu and Lynx who teamed up).  They were only told to party it up, and shown the base background image.  Well done everyone, and happy 2019!!!

In process pics :

EncrypteData's incredibly detailed concept sketch.

Blank background by MegaChibisX.

Stand alone avatars (in order of first comic published date) :

Dancing Shovels by Shovels

Tai OC by Taitotu

EncrypteData's DJ table (by MegaChibisX)

Yasuo OC by MegaChibisX

Crash Man by RandomChiz

Giro by StarUsagi

Salamance by Salamence

Sound Woman OC by W

Daemon OC by Soulment

Chestnut the Guinea pig OC by Uranimus

Self portrait by Kat Lynx

Holiday Mega Man by Anonim

Garden Man OC by Garden Man

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