Sunday, July 14, 2019

Green with Envy

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Concept & Artist : 

Storyline :

Inspirations :
I was just thinking of how Flash Man is really upset over not having any hair, and well, Terra has a lot of hair, so I just imagined Flash Man seeing Terra's luscious locks and it driving him bonkers...  The original script had Flash sticking the hair scraps together with tape, but I thought "hot glue would be funnier because that's worse than just tape" so I had Flash hot glue the hair scraps to his head. Wily's gonna have a lot of fun contending with this one. (I also had more fun that I probably should have drawing Terra absolutely mortified in the final panels!) - Bassnium-Z

I knew Bassnium-Z had an idea for Flash Man to be jealous of Terra so I thought of a fun way that could play out with him reaching his breaking point and stealing all the hair he could to make a makeshift toupĂ©e for himself.  -E.D.

Creation Time :
Around 4 hours.

In process pics :

Encrypted's storyboard.

Add on to match with more of Bassnium-Z's original concept to show the jealousy.

Rough Sketch

Line Art

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